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Detailed programme

26 June 2023 (Monday)   27 June 2023 (Tuesday)   28 June 2023 (Wednesday)   29 June 2023 (Thursday)



Session 5 – Welfare challenges


Chairpersons: Pavel Trefil, Sabine Gebhardt-Henrich



Embryo pain, stress, welfare
E. Decuypere 



Diet coarseness and stress during rearing affects toe pecking in laying hens
A. Mens, I. de Jong, R. Kwakkel



Assessment of hunger in broiler breeder pullets fed high-fibre diets or roughage
FM. Tahamtani, S. Steenfeldt, AB. Riber



Modelling broiler welfare – approaching space allowance by the combination of planimetric and behavioural data
I. Tiemann, SG. Gebhardt-Henrich, O. Mosbach-Schulz, I. de Jong, L. Keeling, AB. Riber, V. Michel



Elicitation of expert knowledge of the quantitative relation between stocking density in fast-growing broiler chickens and two animal-based measures: Foot pad dermatitis score and percent time spent walking
CR. Gimeno, I. Tiemann, I. de Jong, SG. Gebhardt-Henrich, L. Keeling, AB. Riber, A. Velarde, HH. Thulke, S. Ashe, D. Candiani, RG. Matas, M. Hempen, O. Mosbach-Schulz, Y. Van der Stede, M. Vitali, E. Bailly-Caumette, V. Michel



CRISPR/CAS9-mediated gene knock-out and gene editing as a biotechnological approach to chicken resistance to viral diseases
J. Hejnar, A. Koslová, P. Trefil, J. Mucksová, J. Plachý, V. Krchlíková, V. Kožich, J. Kalina, D. Elleder

Coffee break



Session 6 – Welfare of day-old chicks, including early nutrition and on-farm hatching


Chairpersons: Helena Wall, Virginie Michel



Are alternative hatching systems beneficial for chicken welfare?
AB. Riber, I. de Jong



On-farm hatching can improve welfare, chicks quality, breast yield and daily body weight gain
Y. Guyot, L. Ravon, A. Collin, LA. Guilloteau, L. Cornaille, E. Cailleau-Audouin, S. Métayer-Coustard, A. Redo, F. De Louw, C. Souchet, P. Rousseau, K. Germain, M. Quentin, A. Travel



On-farm hatching and contact with adult hen posthatch induce sex-dependent effects on performance and health in broiler chickens
LA. Guilloteau, A. Bertin, S. Crochet, C. Bagnard A. Hondelatte, L. Ravon, C. Schouler, K. Germain, A. Collin



Effects of hatching system factors on laying hen chicks in a step detour test
CMH. Broekmeulen, Y. Gómez, SG. Gebhardt-Henrich, MJ. Toscano



How do strain and maternal omega-3 fatty acids affect the reaction of layer offspring to a novel object?
R. Whittle, T. Widowski




Session 7 – Fear and stress in poultry – identifying causes, preventive and mitigative strategies


Chairpersons: Inga Tiemann, Antonio Velarde



White hens are from Venus, Brown hens are from Mars – a review of strain differences in fear behaviour
T. Widowski, A. Rentsch, R. Whittle



Brown and white layer pullet hybrids show different fear responses towards humans, but what role does light during incubation play in that?
MWE. Manet, S. Kliphuis, RE. Nordquist, VC. Goerlich, FAM. Tuyttens, TB. Rodenburg



Could the live black soldier fly larvae supplementation affect the welfare of medium-growing chickens?
V. Bongiorno, M. Gariglio, V. Zambotto, EE. Cappone, I. Biasato, S. Bergagna, F. Gai, C. Coudron, A. Schiavone



Duration of scotoperiod has minimal effects on fearfulness responses of turkey hens
AN. Pullin, CR. Lewis, BN. Alig, JL. Grimes



Heat stress increases fluctuation asymmetry in broiler chickens
CL. Carvalho, P. Soster de Carvalho, B. Khalfi, I. Khan, AM. Martinez-Caja, F. Tuyttens, G. Antonissen



Influence of stocking density on measures of fear in conventional broiler chickens
S. Rasmussen, H. Yoder, M. Erasmus, AB. Riber

Coffee break



Session 8 – Open session


Chairpersons: Valentina Ferrante, Antonio Velarde



Transport of broilers during high ambient temperatures – A dose-response Relationship
LH. Laméris, JH. Bongers, WiW. Ursinus, DTHM. Sijm



Influence of container type, husbandry system/fattening method, conveyor belt speed and season on loading-related injuries in broilers
H. Louton, J. Unterholzner, A. Werner, A. Blaeske, M. Gotthart, M. Erhard, P. Schmidt, E. Rauch



Alternative gas mixtures to carbon dioxide in two phases in broiler chickens
A. Contreras-Jodar, DS. Rucinque, TJ. Gibson, V. Michel, A. Velarde



Welfare-related causes of mortality identified in a longitudinal study in Danish commercial layers
VP. Lund, I. Thoefner, FS. Scharling, LR. Nielsen, JP. Christensen



Impact of increased activity on woody breast prevalence in a fast and slow-growing broiler strain
C. Hisasaga, MM. Makagon



Poster session



WG9 annual meeting



Social dinner


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