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List of Posters

Session 1 – Welfare as part of the future of poultry production

Global perspective on broiler animal welfare & sustainability
K. Barger-Weathers

SELEGGT process to end chick culling
AE. Blanco García

Good enough? Animal welfare on organic laying hen farms in Sweden
L. Göransson, J. Yngvesson, S. Abeyesinghe, S. Gunnarsson

Sustainability in higher welfare chicken production
L. Hodgson, M. Fernyhough

Animal welfare awareness among cage-free farmers: knowledge exchange via in-person workshops
L. Jasiunas, K. Oluwarore, F. Qureshi, I. Esparza

Perspectives of consumers towards cage-free eggs in China
H. Lee, M. Chen, D. Weary

Pasture botanical composition and use frequency by two genetic lines of chickens
A. Jaszczyk, P. Sztandarski, J. Marchewka, M. Solka, Ż. Zdanowska-Sąsiadek, G. Mastalerczuk, B. Borawska-Jarmułowicz, S. Petrykowski, K. Horbańczuk, N. Strzałkowska, JO. Horbańczuk

How to conciliate animal welfare and low price for indoor broilers? Perceptions of French stakeholders
E. Delanoue, L. Warin

Session 2 – Welfare assessment and precise livestock farming

How to set the scene to “Tag ‘n’ Track”?
S. Alindekon, TB. Rodenburg, J. Langbein, B. Puppe, O. Wilmsmeier, H. Louton

Sensor technology: Detection of changes in movement caused by respiratory symptoms
H. Kang, M. Haskell, S. Jarvis, V. Sandilands

Use of implantable heart rate, temperature and activity loggers in broiler chickens
I. Khan, P. Soster de Carvalho, A. Martos Martinez-Caja, F. Tuyttens, G. Antonissen

Quantitative assessment of the welfare impacts of methods for the commercial slaughter of broilers
E. Negro-Calduch, C. Schuck-Paim, WJ. Alonso

Vocalization of broiler chickens and laying hens as a measure of welfare
P. Soster de Carvalho, R. Smets, P. Devos, I. Andretta, F. Tuyttens, G. Antonissen

Improving laying hen welfare through computer vision
A. van Putten, MF. Giersberg, TB. Rodenburg

Session 3 – Best practices for poultry housing and management

Development of vertical space use in rearing aviaries facilitated by ramps in laying hen chicks
R. Dotta, MJ. Toscano, A. Johny

Collaboration to drive improvements in commercial broiler production
M. Fernyhough, L. Hodgson

Range use relationship with welfare and performances in four strains of organic broilers
C. Bonnefous, A. Collin, LA. Guilloteau, K. Germain, L. Ravon, T. Bordeau, P. Chartrin, E. Godet, E. Cailleau-Audouin, N. Couroussé, E. Raynaud, J. Collet, S. Mignon-Grasteau, M. Reverchon, S. Mattioli, C. Castellini, E. Angelucci, V. Guesdon, L. Calandreau, C. Berri, E. Le Bihan-Duval

Keep some distance – Stocking density during rearing has long-term effects on the immune system and behavior of laying hens
T. Hofmann, S. Schmucker, V. Stefanski

Code 2+, a new alternative aviary system
N. Sleeckx, N. Demaître, M. Merkelbach, B. Liebregts, T. van Beers, W. Wytynck, AP. (Bram) Bos, T. van Niekerk, IC. de Jong, I. Kempen

Gut microbiota activity in chickens from two genetic lines and with three ranging profiles – welfare impact
P. Sztandarski, J. Marchewka, A. Jaszczyk, M. Solka, Ż. Zdanowska-Sąsiadek, JO. Horbańczuk, K. Horbańczuk, D. Siwiec, S. Petrykowski

Comparison of chickens with variable growth intensity in free range and on litter
J. Tyl, E. Tůmová, D. Chodová

On-farm descriptive study on the use of winter gardens by broilers
L. Warin, F. Loric, D. Pennot, M. Stomp

Session 4 – Bone quality

Keel bone damage in small-scale experimental conditions
B. Bilčík, H. Arpášová, M. Hamadová, K. Pichová

A new dietary strategy to improve pullets’ bone mineralization
P. Engler, D. Chavatte, M. el Amine Benarbia, H. Bui

The dietary effect of dried olive pulp on the incidence of Keel Bone Damage in laying hens housed in floor system
A. Dedousi, A. Frantzis, MZ. Kritsa, E. Sossidou

Total Replacement Technology™ (TRT) reduces keel bone damage, while improving eggshell strength and reducing mineral excretion
J. Estevinho, H. Walker, J. Taylor-Pickard

Occurrence of keel bone damage in German laying hens: a retrospective study
B. Spindler, N. Volkmann, A. Riedel, N. Kemper

Session 5 – Welfare challenges

Increased broiler growth rates are associated with reduced Footpad dermatitis development and severity close to slaughter age
K. Bebin, P. Boniface, P. Sakkas

Offspring sex ratio manipulation in Chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar); Effects of dexamethasone as a high-potent glucocorticoid
H. Daryabari, A. Akhlaghi, TGG. Groothuis, MJ. Zamiri, ZA. Pirsaraei, M. Taghipour

Alfalfa hay consumption in beak-trimmed and non-beak trimmed brown hens
N. Demaître, N. Sleeckx, H. Nijs, I. Kempen

The knowns and unknowns about injurious pecking in poultry
A. Harlander, N. van Staaveren

Experiences with keeping turkey hens with intact beaks – a field study
M. Kramer, K. Skiba, P. Niewind, F. von Rüden, D. Werner, I. Tiemann, H. Bußmann, P. Thobe, M. Verhaagh, N. Kemper, B. Spindler

Incubation conditions affect footpad dermatitis incidence and severity
EO. Oviedo-Rondón

Plumage cleanliness and footpad dermatitis of slow- and fast-growing broilers as affected by diets formulation
S. Özkan, S. Yalçın, M. Cömert Acar

Relationship between feather damage measurement on-farms and at slaughterhouse in respect to feather pecking behavior in laying hens
S. Saraiva, C. Saraiva, A. Esteves, G. Stilwell

Effects of a new ventilation concept on barn air quality and animal health of turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo)
S. Schäfers, K. Kulke, C. Schulte, L. Diekmann, N. Kemper

Are the results of different methods of beak measurement comparable?
N. Volkmann, A. Riedel, N. Kemper, B. Spindler

I’ll beak back: mimicking and assessing pecking damage in commercial laying hens using a robotic chicken
S. Struthers, J. Mack, V. Sandilands, IC. Dunn, P. Alam, JJ. Schoenebeck

Manure odour as indicator of hen health and welfare: a study on vaccination challenges in rearing hens
L. van Veen, A. van den Oever, H. van den Brand, B. Kemp

Session 6 – Welfare of day-old chicks, including early nutrition and on-farm hatching

Welfare impacts of delayed nutrition at hatch: an overview
J. Wijnen, J. Snijders, C. van der Pol

Session 7 – Fear and stress in poultry – identifying causes, preventive and mitigative strategies

Predicting stress sensitivity of laying hens by identifying genetic, incubation and rearing factors
I. Bouba, H. van den Brand, B. Kemp, TB. Rodenburg, B. Visser

Individual variation in movement and its association with fearfulness and exploration in laying hens
L. Candelotto, KJ. Grethen, Y. Gómez, MJ. Toscano

Spatial Mathematical Modeling of Heat Stress in Two Different Broiler Houses
Y. Guyot, M. Quentin, L. Warin

Effects of early-life experiences on micro-circuitry in avian forebrain areas involved in stress regulation
E. Liubishkin, N. Marplesk, S. Prestonk, TV. Smuldersk, MO. Cunninghamk

Influence of adaptogenes on heat stress effects elimination in broiler chickens
L. Ticha, R. Kučerova, Z. Machovcova, S. Skalickova, D. Baholet, A. Roztocilova, P. Horky

Fasting, but not early life stress, increases hypothalamic neuropeptide Y mRNA expression in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) chicks
AR. Johnston, VR. Bishop, MC. Simonot, S. Grammatikopoulis Pallidus, G. Leng, SL. Meddle

Development of corticotropin-releasing factor brain systems and relationship to variations in stress response with age in chicken
AH. Metwalli, A. Pross, E. Desfilis, A. Abellán, L. Medina

Heavy broilers’ surface temperature and behavioral responses to air velocity under heat stress
S. Akter, L. Wang-Li, EO. Oviedo-Rondón

Thermal acclimation and lighting during embryogenesis: Behavioral responses of broilers to post hatch heat stress
N. Abdallah, T. Shah, S. Özkan

Hippocampal immediate–early gene induction and HPA-axis activation in response to acute stress in chickens
K. Santiago Gonzalez, T. Boswell, TV. Smulders

Research gaps in poultry welfare research
C. Schuck-Paim, WJ. Alonso

Evaluating thermal comfort of broilers fed dried olive paste
E. Sossidou, MZ. Kritsa, A. Dedousi

Functional and informative interaction between Avian Influenza factors discovered by the applications of Bayesian networks
EA. Videla Rodríguez, VA. Smith

Session 8 – Open session

A qualitative survey among the Flemish poultry sector on how birds fit for transport to the slaughterhouse are selected, caught, and loaded
F. Delanglez, A. Watteyn, G. Antonissen, E. Delezie, H. Van Meirhaeghe, N. Sleeckx, FAM. Tuyttens

Meat quality parameters for the assessment of animal welfare in the electrical water bath stunning of broilers
J. Hacker, Y. Togami, E. Rauch, M. Erhard, H. Louton

Assessing the impact of head removal following cervical dislocation on latency to insensibility and death
AP. Jackson, DV. Bourassa, CL. Hanlon, BI. Baker-Cook

Optimise stunning condition for Taiwan native chicken
PT. Lin, P. Supapaiboonkit, YC. Lin

Which methods of loading broilers are used in Germany – and why?
H. Louton, A. Werner, J. Unterholzner, A. Blaeske, M. Gotthart, M. Erhard, P. Schmidt, E. Rauch

Pre-slaughter handling related injuries in broilers
S. Santos, C. Saraiva, S. Saraiva

The role of the body composition of Red-feathered native chickens on electrical stunning efficiency and carcass quality
P. Supapaiboonkit, PT. Lin, YC. Lin

Stunning effectiveness for the evaluation of animal welfare in electrical water bath stunning for broilers
Y. Togami, J. Hacker, E. Rauch, M. Erhard, H. Louton

Session 9 – Poultry behaviour and environmental enrichment

The impact of wing use and disuse on the musculoskeletal system and behaviour in laying hens
R. Garant, B. Tobalske, NB. Sassi, N. van Staaveren, D. Tulpan, T. Widowski, D. Powers, A. Harlander

Investigation into the use of cognitive challenges in the chicken’s environment
S. Hillemacher, W. Büscher, I. Tiemann

Innovative evaluation method of behavioural reactivity for ducks reared for the production of ‘foie gras’ and its association to working conditions for farmers
C. Monestier, A. Warin, S. Lombard, S. Laban-Mele, W. Massimino

Comb size, complexity, and laterality of laying hens reared in environments varying in resource choice
RV. Holt, L. Skånberg, L. Keeling, I. Estevez, P. Lepej, IL. Andersen, J. Vas, RC. Newberry

Maternal care and damaging behaviour of the Japanese quail
K. Pichová, D. Pankuch, B. Bilčík, Ľ. Košťál

Chicken amygdala: from neural mechanisms regulating emotions to welfare
A. Pross, AH. Metwalli, A. Abellán, E. Desfilis, L. Medina

Better with charcoal? Preferences of organic laying hens for pecking blocks with and without charcoal particles
A. Riedel, M. Canci, N. Kemper, B. Spindler

Early provision of increased environmental choice influences the gut microbiota and physiology of layer pullets
L. Skånberg, FN. Nazar, J. Dicksved, K. McCrea, RV. Holt, RC. Newberry, I. Estevez, LJ. Keeling

Do commercial turkeys dust bathe? An insight into the underlying behavioural pattern
K. Skiba, M. Kramer, P. Niewind, B. Spindler, N. Kemper

Provision of enrichments to meet the behavioural needs of broilers
L. Warin, M. Guinebretiere, S. Brajon, E. Gregorio, E. Guerin, E. Le Bihan-Duval, F. Aulanier, M. Leroux, L. Messager, M. Stomp

Effect of environmental enrichments on the proximity of broiler chickens to a human and novel object
AK. Magnaterra, SL. Weimer

Free Papers

Natural essential oils work as the residue-free repellent in poultry red mite management
H. Bui, S. Suor-Cherer, M. el Amine Benarbia

Effect of pasture intake on meat quality of fast-, medium- and slow-growing chickens
D. Chodová, E. Tůmová, J. Tyl, M. Ketta

Bird reactivity and semen production in the Pepoi and Robusta Maculata Italian chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) breeds
SP. Marelli, M. Madeddu, C. Tognoli, MG. Mangiagalli, L. Zaniboni, N. Iaffaldano, M. Di Iorio, S. Cerolini

Effects of dietary energy levels on intestinal morphology, corticosterone in blood, meat quality, and indication of welfare effects of broiler
J. Son, WD. Lee, HJ. Kim, H. Kim, EC. Hong, YS. Yun, HK. Shin, HK. Kang, I. Jeon

The relationship of housing system for laying hens and egg quality and egg safety under commercial conditions
E. Tůmová, D. Chodová, M. Ketta

Is there a need to maintain the production of day-old male chicks from laying hens as a source of feed for endangered species?
M. Tyller, P. Dobrovolny, K. Beranova, V. Anderle, H. Landova Tyllerova, M. Hruška



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